Bisping saw Anderson Silva buckling to pressure before the Weidman fight

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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bispingVIGMiddleweight contender Michael Bisping has never backed down from giving his opinion. So it stands to reason he’d have some things to say about the Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva fight—which he was watching cage-side. According to “The Count,” Silva was giving off signs of defeat even before the fight started.

“What I noticed when he was coming out for the fight, he stopped in the hallway outside and meditated,” he told Bloody Elbow. “(He) kind of closed his eyes and focused himself for a few minutes. I think that was a definite sign of nerves.”

Then as “The Spider” walked to the cage, Bisping described another incident that fans watching at home wouldn’t have been able to detect. “I was ringside right there, maybe three or four feet away from him, and two or three seats to the left of me was Vitor Belfort.”

“It seemed to me that he kind of headed in that direction, to go and shout at Vitor. He spotted him and was headed over, but security got hold of him and steered him into the cage.”

“I was wondering why he was concerned with Vitor when he’s got Chris Weidman right in front of him. It just seemed like mentally, he’d succumbed to the pressure a little bit, and I kind of thought this doesn’t bode well for him.”

Whether Bisping’s comments hold any water will probably never be known. Still, it’s interesting to hear what a guy like Bisping gleaned from an up-close and personal perspective. Did Anderson “succumb to the pressure” as Bisping suggests?


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