MMA Fighter defends home against 4 gang members; 1 dead

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

JOE-TORREZ-570What did I always say about picking a fight with a professional mixed martial artist? In case you don’t know the answer to that question, let me spell it out for you…DON’T DO IT. Four jackasses found out the hard way when they tried to break into lightweight Joseph Torrez’ house on New Year’s Day.

Apparently the four home invaders are in a gang and had some kind of ongoing feud with Torrez. They even called him ahead of time telling Torrez that they planned to kill him and his family—Torrez was home at the time with his fiancé, his 2 year old son and his fiancé’s sister. Sure enough, the four thugs showed up and broke into the home. And that’s when Torrez said, “not in my house.”

A melee ensued and despite bringing the gang members showing up with weapons, they didn’t stand a chance. Torrez battered them, grabbed a knife and stabbed one of them to death. A second idiot was injured, but not badly. The other two ran like pussies and were later arrested.

Look, I guess I have to spell this out to some people. Don’t mess with pro fighters! They are tougher than you, I promise. Here are a few more examples you might want to review before you attempt to act tough in front of a fighter.

Record Store Owner Chokes Out would-be Thief

300+ pound Football player punches woman, gets destroyed by Roger Huerta

Brian Urlacher vs Bas Rutten Story


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