Ken Shamrock works security for 50 Cent

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Cool Stuff We Like
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shamrock 50“The World’s Most Dangerous Man” is now using his super powers to protect the less dangerous. And I’m not talking about escorting 13-year old nerds to math class so the acne-covered school bully doesn’t fuck with him (although that would be freaking AWESOME).

Ken Shamrock was spotted working security for rap mogul/poet 50 Cent. Shamrock has some credentials to say the least. As a former UFC (superfight) champion and Hall of Famer, I’d say Fiddy could do a lot worse than the 49 year old badass.

With his MMA glory days long since passed—as are his WWE days—this is actually a great move for Shamrock. I’m sure high-end security gigs pay pretty well and it allows him to uphold his tough-guy image in a public setting. Nice move Kenny.


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