For Rich Franklin, UFC money not enough to retire

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

rich-franklin-american-fighterUFC veteran and former world champion, Rich Franklin lives a fairly conservative lifestyle. No Lamborghinis. No private jets. And probably no bathing in swimming pools filled with Cristal. Even so, “Ace” says he still hasn’t earned enough money from the UFC to retire comfortably.

He recently sat down to talk about this topic with Fight Hub TV, and admitted that even with his low-key lifestyle, he would definitely need other sources of income to last his entire life.

“I live a very modest lifestyle and I will probably the rest of my life. I’ve made enough money that I could live my modest lifestyle comfortably for a little while, but I couldn’t retire for the rest of my life.”

Like any sport, timing can be everything. Today an average Major Leaguer makes considerably more money than the normal person. That same player also makes way more money than almost every former superstar of past eras. The UFC is going through that growth as we speak.

Franklin’s case is interesting because of his stature within the company. He’s held the UFC middleweight champion and has always been considered one of the bigger names in the sport. He’s no journeyman prelim fighter.

According to an article from MMA Manifesto, Franklin has pocketed somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.326 million from the UFC. Obviously, that number reflects only the published salary and any additional published bonuses. It doesn’t include PPV points, “locker-room bonuses” or sponsorships. So it gives you an idea what we’re talking about.

Now that MMA is becoming more and more mainstream and popular, this will no doubt change. With guys like George St-Pierre, Jon Jones and others starting to get bigger and better sponsorships, higher salaries and more mainstream hype, even the 2nd and 3rd tier fighters in the UFC should start to follow suit.

But for Franklin and many others, it just won’t last. “My funds would definitely run out before my heartbeat did, that’s for sure.”

  1. guysmalley says:

    while that sounds like a lot of money after taxes, training, team, gym costs etc and the wear & tear its not great. But Rich has a brain and many talents and I hope he can move to the next challenge / stage in his life. Good luck Champ!

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