Cowboy Cerrone: “I spent all my money and now I’m broke”

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Latest news

donald_cerrone_2Earlier this week, we reported on Rich Franklin’s comments that he wouldn’t be able to retire from the money he made during his UFC career. Although he lives a moderate lifestyle free of expensive cars and mansions, the former champ stated that it still isn’t quite enough to set him up for life, as many people think.

Now Donald Cerrone is stepping forward to talk about his own finances. Unlike Franklin, Cowboy says the reason he’s currently broke is because he has no idea what “saving money” is. For that reason, he wants to fight about six times in 2014, just to get his head above water. “What really happened is I spent all my money and now I’m broke. Now I’ve only got one choice and that’s to fight.”

“I’m just out of control,” he continued. “It’s hard to have money in the bank and want something and then get it. I just fucking buy it. I have no idea what ‘saving money’ is. It has nothing to do with wanting to go broke. I wish I had millions in the bank. I’d never go broke. Let’s get that belt and get millions in the bank.”

While the example of Franklin was more understandable—although he was a big star for quite a while, he was fighting before the large dollars came into play—the Cerrone case is a little disturbing, not that he cares.

Cowboy’s reported career UFC earnings is just over $1 million, fairly comparable to Franklin’s actually. But Cerrone didn’t have to go his entire career to rack up that kind of cash. He made most of it within the past couple years. He made $146,000 in his last fight against Evan Dunham ($48K Base, $48K Bonus, $50K Sub/Night), and continues to pile up bonuses like he should be on Hoarders.

Cerrone doesn’t apologize for his spending habits, nor should he. He likes toys and he buys them. It’s not really anyone’s problem but his own. If he’s cool with it, we should be too. Plus it gets him inside the cage more often—which is beneficial for all of us, because he’s one of the most exciting fighters in the sport. So keep making it rain, Donald. We can’t wait for your fight on Fox against…wait, who the hell is he fighting???

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