UFC Fight Pass will include FULL fight library starting in March

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Cool Stuff We Like, Latest news

ufcfightpassHardcore fans will be pleased to hear that UFC’s digital network, Fight Pass, will be rolling out the full library of fights in March. One of the big selling points of the service was the extensive fight library that was planned for the network. Currently Fight Pass is in the midst of a free trial period. When that ends, the library will be greatly expanded.

In fact, the full library will feature every fight that the UFC has rights to. That means Pride, Strikeforce and WEC. So for those of you who want to revisit the John Lewis vs. Lowell Anderson classic from UFC 22, you can. How about the Ebenezer Fontes Braga vs. Daijiro Matsui fight from Pride 15? Sure!

This is actually a pretty significant highlight. I had my doubts at first that the library would be a relatively small percentage of historical fights. Seeing the news officially pop up that the entire fight library will be unleashed in exciting.

There are still other problems with Fight Pass, but they weren’t discussed. Fight Pass is about 10 bucks a month and will include exclusive content such as the Fight Night from Singapore last week.


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