Hey Dana, it’s time to bring back Rumble don’t you think??

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

rumbleAnthony “Rumble” Johnson was unceremoniously booted from the UFC two years ago after failing to make weight at UFC 142 against Vitor Belfort. What made that failed weigh-in even more disturbing is that he actually moved UP a weight class (middleweight) for that fight. And he missed the 185 pound limit badly. He ultimately weighed in at 197 before claiming his body shut down. Belfort finished Johnson in the 1st round.

Since that fight, Johnson has been fighting at catch weights and light heavyweight—and even once at heavyweight. And he’s been destroying his competition pretty handily. He’s now won six straight since leaving the UFC, including four knockouts.

With a string like that—and he’s only 29—should the UFC be looking to re-sign Rumble? Although he fought mostly as a welterweight—I still find that hard to believe—in the UFC, he doesn’t look undersized at all against true LHW. And let’s be honest…the current LHW landscape could certainly be bulked up by adding a fighter like Johnson.

Behind Jon Jones, Alexander Gustafsson appears to be the only intriguing contender at this point. That’s not a knock on Glover Teixeira, Jones’ next challenger as much as a declaration to how good Jones is. And is anyone really that impressed with the rest of the so-called top contenders? Rashad Evans, Phil Davis and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira round out the top 5. Is it out of the question that Johnson could potentially fit in with that group?  I think it’s quite possible.

I think it’s time for the UFC to forget about Johnson’s past problems. He’s paid his dues by fighting 6 times outside the organization, and I’d say enough is enough. Bring this guy back. He looks like a beast with a real shot at climbing the LHW rankings in quick fashion.


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