Nate Diaz rips Gray Maynard’s corner for not throwing in the towel

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

nate-diaz-double-birdWhen Nate Diaz fought Josh Thomson, his brother Nick Diaz threw in the towel on Nate’s behalf. Nate says he was fine with that move. In fact, he thinks his next fight—against Gray Maynard—should have ended that way too.

He told Fight Magazine, “I was actually thinking what the hell is wrong with this guy’s corner and the ref for not stopping this fight because I was landing a lot of shots. I was kind of like ‘What the fuck? Is this shit going to end?'”

Watching the fight again, it was clear Maynard was out on his feet and in pretty bad shape. If the referee or Maynard’s corner had stopped the fight sooner, it would have certainly saved Maynard from an excessive beating.

Diaz went on to bash Maynard’s corner even more.

“If he had experienced fighters in his corner and his coaches…those guys in his corner that Javier…Is it Mendez? Ok, so he’s in the corner and he’s supposed to be some pro? Some badass? He knows everything? Well if you know everything how did you not know your friend was getting his ass beat and just let him take those shots, you know?”

There’s a fine line between preventing additional damage, and allowing a fighter plenty of time to recover and potentially come back. Diaz obviously felt the damage Maynard took that night was way over that line, and he blames “The Bully’s” corner.


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