2013 VigilanteMMA Year-End Awards — Fighter of the Year

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

weidmansilvaDuring a year end video chat with several MMA luminaries, including the Beyond the Cage Podcast (like them), we discussed out choices for year-end awards for 2013. When it came to Fighter of the Year, I spoke mainly of Demetrious Johnson’s incredible year—three straight title defenses that earned him KO, SUB and Fight of the Night honors respectively. I closed my reasoning with, “of course my pick could change if Chris Weidman beats Anderson Silva again.”


But seriously, how can you not give it to Weidman? Sure he only fought twice, but like it or not, he defeated the greatest mixed martial artist in UFC history…TWICE. He knocked Silva silly in their first encounter. Critics will say it was Anderson’s own fault he lost. To that I say…don’t be ridiculous. Silva didn’t do anything in that fight we hadn’t already seen before. It’s what he does, so let’s not blow that out of proportion.

Then he followed it up with another win, albeit this time with an even more shocking finish. Was it a fluke? Well, the graphic injury was. But don’t forget what Weidman did to The Spider in the 1st round. He dominated and nearly finished him.

Since Silva has been a mainstay at the top of the P4P list for so long, it’s easy to try to dismiss both losses. You can’t do that. Greatness supersedes luck. Silva has overcome hundreds of opportunities for his opponent to flash KO him. Weidman won those fights because he earned them.

So with two victories over the greatest fighter the octagon has ever seen, Chris Weidman without question deserves the nod for out Fighter of the Year. I’m certain he’ll hold this “Viggie” Award in higher regard even than his championship belt.

Other Fighters Considered: Demetrious Johnson, Vitor Belfort, Chad Mendes, Uriah Faber

Our other Year-End Awards already announced:
Breakthrough Fighter of the Year
Female Fighter of the Year
Submission of the Year
Upset of the Year
Most Improved Fighter of the Year
Knockout of the Year
Fight of the Year

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