2013 Year-End Awards — See ALL the ‘Viggie’ Awards we’ve passed out

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

viggietrophy1We’ve completed our lineup of 2013 Viggie Awards. It was quite a year with plenty of great candidates in every category. In case you missed any of our awards, along with plenty of reasons you can easily poke holes into, here’s the complete list of winners and contenders.

Breakthrough Fighter of the Year. Which fighter raised their stock the most by breaking onto the scene with the biggest splash? Was it a fighter who came from obscurity and went into the limelight? Or was it someone who went from being “average” all the way to top contender?
Female Fighter of the Year. Several women made an impact in 2013. That’s thanks to the inclusion of females to the UFC as well as great promotions like Invicta shining a spotlight on the women like never before.
Submission of the Year. Well, which was your favorite? Was it Burkman over Fitch? How ’bout one of Rousey’s armbars? Maybe you liked ‘Showtime’s’ because it won him the belt? Or perhaps you’re like us, and you didn’t select ANY of those worthy nominees.
Upset of the Year. There’s nothing like an upset to get people jumping out of their seats in amazement. We discussed a nice handful before settling on our fave.
Most Improved Fighter of the Year. You might also call this one the “career turnaround” category. We selected a guy who went from a pretty damn good fighter to what think is a guy who can contend for a belt right now.
Knockout of the Year. I want to see a highlight reel of all the awesome knockouts we considered. Can you say “knockout boner”????
Fight of the Year. Of all the incredible fights in ’13, can you believe we picked one that was free? This one could be the most controversial selection–not because it’s not a worthy winner, but because of the sheer number of legitimate fights that were 5 stars.
Fighter of the Year. Let me give you a hint. I wrote the article for this one right before the year ended. I had to tear it up and start over though, because of a last minute fight that catapulted our choice to the winner’s circle. Can you guess?

  1. […] World MMA Awards are probably the 2nd most prestigious awards in all of MMA—right behind the VigilanteMMA Awards, or “The Viggies” as they are commonly referred to by fans. Weidman was also awarded the Viggie […]

  2. Dayana says:

    Now that’s sueblt! Great to hear from you.

  3. I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

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