UFC on Fox 10’s Biggest Losers … the ‘Stop Fixing your Damn Hair’ Edition

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion

FOX UFC Saturday: Henderson v ThomsonI’ll come out and say it—I didn’t think much of this event. Part of my disdain for it was possibly already inside my head because of how disappointed I was to hear that there wouldn’t be a title fight in Chicago this time—and very few big names. I’m under the belief that Fox events should be used for one thing—to attract the casual viewer into becoming a hardcore viewer. That means excitement should take a high priority. If you believe that theory, then putting Cowboy Cerrone on Fox is a good move. But putting Henderson in the main event for the THIRD time is really pushing your luck. Enough ranting. With plenty of losers to choose form, here are my selection for “Biggest Losers” of UFC on Fox.

Benson Henderson. How do you win a fight against the guy who was supposed to fight the champion, and still “lose?” Well, you could get that win by a very questionable judges’ decision after fighting tentatively (Ambien-like, in fact) and looking extremely ordinary. You could also behave in your typical bizarre fashion (anyone else think his facial expressions resemble a lame WWE “mentally deranged” gimmick?). And combing your disgusting Polamalu bird’s nest during a fight makes you look like a compete douche. If you have time to fix your hair in the big-screen, you probably have time to throw a punch to try to look entertaining. I’m just at my wit’s end with this guy. I really never want him to be in the same room with a belt, let alone fight for one.

Josh Thomson. We already know this guy says dumb things—which doesn’t help his cause at all. We already know Dana White thinks he’s an idiot. But when you earn a title shot, and then lose it, wouldn’t you fight your ass off to get it back? Thomson lost a fight to a guy who put on a lackluster performance, quite frankly by looking just as lackluster. He should no sense of urgency. Like Henderson’s hair combing, toothpick chewing shenanigans, Thomson’s biggest burst of energy came when he evidently thought fans where going to get behind him by pumping his fist in the air while on Bendo’s back. I hope “the Punk” makes a mental note—if your name doesn’t rhyme with “boo,” those must be actual “boos.”

Gabriel Gonzaga. Gonzaga was quick to post pictures of his broken hand following his loss to Stipe Miocic Saturday night. Problem is, he should have posted a picture of his heart and lungs, because he displayed the cardio of Adele. Broken hand or not, he was freaking gassed in the first round. Miocic’s elevation in the heavyweight division is a very welcome sight; but for Gonzaga, he probably just solidified himself as a steppingstone for the remainder of his career.

UFC Marketing. As I touched on earlier, isn’t the idea of “Big Fox” to gain new viewers? With that in mind, I’d say putting on excellent and exciting fights is the biggest issue. This was the 3rd time Benson Henderson headlined a Fox event. Why? Was Jake Shields not available? Keep this guy away from main events please!


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