40 year old Brazilian woman could face 6 months in jail for Trolling Anderson Silva on Twitter

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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anderson11After having to deal with pre-fight trash talk from Chael Sonnen—twice—you’d think Anderson Silva would have a thicker skin when it comes to insults. But apparently not. Reports are circulating that Silva has filed a police report against a 40 year old woman for calling him “rotten” on Twitter.

I’m not exactly sure how “rotten” translates into Portuguese, but I’m kind of hoping it’s a way stronger insult than in English. Either way, according to the chief of police in Pinhais, Brazil, Silva was offended by the remarks and wants the lady punished. She also called the Spider a “shitty idol.”

Strangely, the rude comment which hurt Silva’s feelings will send this whole thing to court. And even odder, it is said that this type of “crime” can bring up to 6 months in jail. Six months for trolling? Dayummmm.

That seems harsh, considering Sonnen was only punished for about 6 minutes and 55 seconds for months and months of berating the then-champion.

  1. Josh Hagedon says:

    Lmao Silva u are a verrry verrry rotten man!!!

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