Sonnen got suckerpunched in scuffle with Wand’s team during TUF filming

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, The Ultimate Fighter
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Sonnen-vs-Wanderlei-PosterChael Sonnen knows how to get under the skin of whoever happens to be in his sights. Currently, the target is Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen and Silva are in the midst of recording a season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil and it’s no surprise things are getting heated on the set.

Dana White told media members that the trash talk turned into a physical altercation. “Wanderlei and Chael fought.” White said. “Just today. They literally fought.” I know what you’re thinking…what a surprise; Dana is saying this season of TUF is INSANE!!! Never heard that before, right?

But it’s supposedly true. “While they were fighting one of Wanderlei’s guys sucker punched Chael,” White continued. “They went crazy; crazy shit happened there. We’re dealing with that right now too. … They literally fought today, it went on for awhile.”

Okay, Dana; I guess I’ll go buy Fight Pass now.


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