Dana White says he’s won up to $5 million at blackjack table; had to carry it in trash bags

Posted: January 30, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

dana-white-moneyYou know what most normal people love? They love multimillionaires gloating about how much money they have. Enter UFC president Dana White.

White is a notorious gambler—blackjack specifically. To say he’s a high roller is an understatement. White claims to have taken up to $5 million in one blackjack session. In fact, he claims to win so much, he has to bring empty trash bags to carry all the cash he expects to win. He shared one such trash bag related story earlier this week.

“I’m like, are you serious? We’re going to get killed,” White said. “They don’t have some kind of suitcase where they put the money in. ‘You just beat us, here you go.’ That’s really the attitude. They just stack it all up there and go ‘thanks, have a great night.’ We’ve had trash bags, we got to the point we started bringing our own bags.”

Can you even imagine seeing White and his entourage walking from a casino at 4am carrying a bunch of hefty bags?

He went on.

“It’s the rush and excitement of all rushes. What would you do if you put a $50,000 hand up there and you have to split ’em? There’s nights I beat the casinos for $5,000,000.”

This reminds me of the time a rumor was spreading (I have no idea if it was even true) that Shaquille O’Neal won a million bucks in the lottery. My first thought was, why the fuck is Shaq buying lottery tickets? Seems like piling on to me.

But White’s gambling habits are legendary and for a guy who already has millions, tossing stacks of bills around the blackjack table is probably like a “regular” person buying a scratch off of playing quarter slots.

SO next time you’re in Vegas and you see a bald guy carrying around a trash bag stuffed to the gills, take a closer look. It might not be a homeless vagrant. It might be Dana carrying his winnings.


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