Overeem decided to drop muscle + New Jersey has very strict drug testing = Coincident?

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Latest news, UFC Events

AlistairHow transparent would it be if Alistair Overeem claimed he “lost muscle” on purpose ahead of his fight with Frank Mir this weekend? Shocking isn’t it?

So when you watch weigh-ins today, don’t start screaming that Reem is way smaller because he was finally forced off the roids. Instead, just understand that it’s because he wanted to improve his cardio.

That’s right, his cardio. Here’s what Overeem is saying…and NOT in an ironic way.

“I actually dropped some weight. I wanted improved cardio, so obviously you want to lose some weight. That actually goes automatic. A lot more cardio and you automatically lose a lot of weight. We just wanted [my cardio] to be better.”

Ok Alistair. Props to you for saying all that with a straight face.

In a completely unrelated story, New Jersey’s athletic commission is considered to be the best in the world, especially when it comes to drug testing.  Here’s an exchange with Bloody Elbow and the commission regarding their testing procedures.

Iain Kidd: On average, how many fighters are tested during a major MMA event (e.g UFC)

NJSACB: Every fighter is drug tested at a major combat sport event in New Jersey.

Iain Kidd: What methods of testing are usually employed.

NJSACB: Typically blood and urine.

Iain Kidd: Under what circumstances is extended testing (e.g blood, urine and hair) employed?

NJSACB: Some examples would be main event bouts, title fights, where competitors had a past positive test or use TRT.

Iain Kidd: What substances are tested for during each type of testing?

NJSACB: Performance enhancing drugs, prescription drugs, masking agents, diuretics and criminalized substances would be some common examples.

Iain Kidd: What testing do fighters receiving TRT TUE’s undergo?

NJSACB: A letter from a Board Certified Endocrinologist stating that you stopped all hormone replacement therapy for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to repeat testing.

Again, that was COMPLETELY unrelated to Alistair Overeem dropping muscle for this fight. Completely.


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