Agree or Disagree? Dana White says Overeem’s win was “crap”

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

AlistairDana White isn’t really known as a calculated, plan-ahead type public speaker. In fact, he’s just the opposite of calculated—he’s all emotion. And that leads to him saying things that don’t make sense sometimes. But was he his assessment of Alistair Overeem accurate following his unanimous decision victory over Frank Mir?

In case you missed it, White said of Overeem’s performance, “It was a crappy performance by Alistair and then he calls out someone (Brock Lesnar) who doesn’t even fight in the UFC. It was not a great night for Overeem.”

In a night full of decisions, Overeem’s didn’t seem to be the worst offender. He admitted he played it safe. His reasoning was that he didn’t want to gas. Coming off two straight knockout losses in fights that he was dominating early, that’s probably not an unreasonable approach.

As for calling out Lesnar; maybe it’s because White has been talking about Lesnar’s potential return for the last several weeks. Every time he opens his mouth, he says, “Brock might come back.” So while Overeem isn’t my favorite fighter by any means, this sounds like bullshit coming from White.

It’s pretty obvious White isn’t Overeem’s biggest fan. And Dana is not good at hiding his feelings—just ask Roy Nelson. So was White justified in bashing Overeem’s decision victory? Or is this yet another case of him making a stink because the end of the fight didn’t please him?

  1. EWOLmma says:

    While I would’ve liked to see Overeem (or Mir) finish the fight, it was a good performance for the Reem. He clearly won the stand-up portion of the fight, and while he had some “Jon Fitching” moments, he handled Mir’s submission attempts with ease, something he was not willing to do with Werdum in Strikeforce. And with WrestleMania season upon us, called out Lesnar makes absolute sense, it just creates more headlines for both the WWE and the UFC. Reem is improving his game, he just needs to keep passing drug tests!

  2. […] At UFC 169, Overeem thoroughly dominated former UFC world champion Frank Mir. To say he trounced Mir would be a drastic understatement. But when it came time to discuss the fight, White called out Overeem, not Mir, for his “crappy” performance. […]

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