Did Herb Dean blow the call during Faber/Barao?

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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MMA: UFC 169-Barao vs FaberUFC 169 had its share of controversy didn’t it? The most notable example was when Herb Dean chose to stop the fight as Renan Barao was delivering some hammerfists to Urijah Faber’s ear/glove. Was it a terrible call?

Here’s what happened. Barao hurt Faber badly in that round more than once. In fact, I thought the fight was all but over earlier in the round. In the sequence leading up to the stoppage, Barao wobbled Faber then followed up with the strikes that ultimately finished the fight.

Faber immediately protested. In fairness, he was definitely defending himself by covering up. He also gave a thumbs up with his opposite hand, but it was unclear whether Dean even saw it. Truthfully, Faber was in serious trouble in that round, and the fight continued. He recovered each time.

Dean didn’t really give him a chance to recover the last time though. I normally don’t argue about an early stoppage—you know I hate that. That’s usually because if the fight isn’t stopped, the beating continues. Would Faber have continued to take an even more severe beating if the fight was allowed to continue? There’s a fairly good chance of that. But most of the blows he was absorbing were being blocked, at least partially.

I believe the stoppage was premature by at least 5-10 seconds. Herb Dean is one of the best refs in the world, and most fans will likely cut him a lot of slack. I just wonder what the fallout would be in Steve Mazzagatti was the man in charge of that stoppage? Dana White would have gone ape shit.

  1. […] intelligent defense. For Dean, who likely didn’t see the gesture, it was not enough and the fight was called in favor of Renan […]

  2. […] this week, Dean appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss those stoppages. Oddly, he felt the Faber stoppage was the more questionable of the two. “My position was a good position,” he said of the Faber […]

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