Bellator might be interested in CM Punk

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors
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cm-punkWe’ve recently been hearing speculation—not even rumors yet—that WWE star and MMA enthusiast CM Punk might toy with the idea of fighting a mixed martial arts bout. We heard him discuss it with Ariel Helwani last week, but honestly it seemed more like an off-handed, empty comment. Maybe I was wrong.

Dave Meltzer is now reporting that Bellator wants Punk. Meltzer calls it “preliminary interest.” Still he wonders how realistic it is for Punk to give MMA a try. He dismisses completely the idea that He’d jump in with both feet like Brock Lesnar did a few years ago.

Instead he compared his fascination with MMA to that of Dave Batista. Remember Batista fought—and defeated—journeyman Vince Lucero by 1st round TKO in 2012. He hasn’t fought since. Meltzer suggests Punk’s interest falls into the “bucket list” category.

And that makes sense to me. At 35 years old, it’s impossible to think he could string together an actual career at this point. It’s also foolish to think that Punk can possibly fight at a skill level high enough to warrant a look from the UFC, as Brock did. Not only was Lesnar a physical freak of nature—Punk isn’t—he was also a world class amateur wrestling talent. Punk has no such skills in any one discipline.

Why is Bellator interested then? Obviously, they feel they could garner some immediate publicity. That’s probably true. Punk isn’t the crossover star that Lesnar is/was, but his presence on a Bellator event would certainly create some buzz.

Punk’s WWE contract expires soon, which means he’d be legally eligible to go outside that organization this summer. He even has an opponent—kind of. Jason David Frank—formerly the Green Power Ranger—has supposedly challenged Punk. It wouldn’t be the first time Punk has been inside a ring with a guy in a mask and crazy costume.


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