Dana White’s boxing show, “The Fighters” just got KTFO after only one episode

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Latest news

dana whiteDana White brought back an old passion of his to the small screen. Well, it didn’t last long. A boxing reality show called “The Boxers” debuted on Discovery Channel last month. White tried to duplicate the massive success “The Ultimate Fighter” had on MMA back in 2005. Not gonna happen.

Word has gotten out that “The Fighters” just got knocked the F out—in the 1st round no less. Discovery has cancelled the series after just one episode after pulling in terrible ratings. Less than 400,000 people watched the debut episode and even White couldn’t sugarcoat that number. He called the ratings “fucking horrendous.”

I’m not a huge reality TV guy, but for Discovery to cancel the show after just one episode seems pretty bad when you consider some of the series that remain—and thrive—on the network. Shows like “Moonshiners,” “Amish Mafia,” and other gems like “Naked Castaway” and “Dude, You’re Screwed” continue on.

While Dana White’s name means an awful lot in the niche world of mixed martial arts, apparently it still doesn’t carry enough weight in TV world to garner a second airing of his boxing baby.


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