HFC 19 highlighted by Shoaff/Tweedy 5-star ‘Fight of the Year’ Candidate

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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hfcHFC 19 was this past Saturday night live from Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso, Indiana. As always, VigilanteMMA was represented by special correspondent, Dave “The Juice” Sadler sitting cageside. Lucky for us, he took a remedial writing course at the local elementary school for adults and learned how to jot down his thoughts on paper (iPad). Here are the Juice’s actual notes from an evening of tremendous action.The night kicked off with 5 ammy bouts. Highlights from Ammy portion:
William Kroegher vs James Frasure (145lbs)
ROUND 1: 10 seconds in…Nut shot, nobody likes that. Said nut shot has been recovered from and  back to action (although I can still feel it). After some great striking from Frasure, William is able to pull guard. William is working to position himself for some submissions but Frasure is proving himself very game in the submission defense category. Frasure 10-9.
Round 2: An early leg kick acts as a trip for Frasure. A slick triangle submission is locked in for Frasure and the  victory is his!James Frasure defeats William Kroegher via Triangle choke at 1:59 of Round 2
Nick Dorley vs Askar Askar
GREAT Opening round. A ton of back and forth action from both guys. Both guys were in trouble from strikes and certain parts of the round. Great clinch work from both and some technical striking from both. Lets see how cardio plays in to round 2.
Round 1.. no clue who won that round. (Note: Juice must have been signing autographs for local hotties who thought he was the legendary S-Cla$$ from VigilanteMMA)
Round 2: Cardio was not a issue a big left hand from Askar finishes this fight via TKO.
Askar Askar defeats Nick Dorley via TKO at :15 of round 2 in an early Canidate for Fight of the night!!!!
First ever title in HFC history and its the Womens’s Atomweight belt is next.
Elane Santiago vs Anne Malinoff
Round 1: Malinoff starts of the night by peeling Santiago off the cage and working from the guard. Santiago is throwing up some submission attempts but nothing has stuck just yet. Santiago seems more than happy to be on the ground. Brutal armbar attempt is locked in on Malinoff but there is no give up in this animal. (see how I added her nickname, I am slick like that).Round 1 has to go to Santiago 10-9. You can not–and I repeat can not–question the heart of Anne Malinoff!!! That armbar was locked in for a solid 45 seconds and she was able to defend the entire time!
Round 2: This round was all Anne.
19-19 going to Round 3
Lets see how the cardio of these ladies is after 2 very tough rounds
Round 3: Malinoff started the round with some very damaging strikes but shot for takedown and got locked in an armbar.  What a great back and forth fight that someone has to lose.. Let them go 2 more rounds….please!
30-27, 30-27, 29-28  Winner via UD and New HFC Atom-Weight Champion Anne MalinoffWe kicked off the Professional bouts with a Lightweight bout  between James Mogollon and John Dutton
Round 1: Mogollon lands a solid right to drop Dutton
After some jockeying for potion Mogollon is able to sink in a guillotine choke at 1:02 of round 1
Winner via Submission  at 1:02 of round 1 James Mogollon
Michael Jordan vs Justin Hughes
No not THAT Michael Jordan!
Huge overhand right from Hughes highlights the early part of round 1. The shot drops MJ but Jordan is able to recover. After some ground work Jordan is able to sink up an armbar and then transfer over to a triangle and Hughes is forced to tap.
Winner: Michael Jordan defeats Justin Hughes at 4:08 of round 1 via Triangle Choke
Youseff Al-Ghoul vs Dustin Pape
A great back and forth first round which had lots of strikes exchanged from both men. Excellent clinch work from both and some strong kicks as well. Round 1: total guess here…Pape
Round 2: Leg kicks start round 2  from both guys. Pape was able to work to Al-Ghoul’s guard and is continuing to work to advance while dropping well timed strikes. Pape wins round 2
Round 3: Both guys are tired but still going at it. Pape lands a big knee and a right hand but Al-Ghoul keeps coming forward. Pape lands a huge head kick and yet Al-Ghoul remains standing…What a fight..I score it for Pape
The Judges score the contest 30-27 29-28 29-28 For Dustin Pape

Bobby Moffett vs Terry Da Brick House
Early takedown attempt  from Moffett is initially stopped by House but Moffett finishes the takedown and works a little ground game. Moffett gets picked up and carried across cage by Da Brick House and is SLAMMED hard to the canvas. After the Fight Terry told me instead of slamming him down he should have been more calculated in his dumping  of Moffett, which would have left House in a better postion to work on the ground.
Submission is locked in by Moffett and House is forced to tap. Bobby Moffett defeats Terry House via D’arce choke at 3:25 of round 1
Erick Lozano vs Rob Caulfield
Caulfield lands an early takedown. He has remained in control for the first half of the round has attempted a few subs.. to no avail. Fight moved back to standing and Caulfield takes it to the ground where he seems the most comfortable.
Round 1 Caulfield 10-9
Round 2 is more of Caulfield in control on the ground  10-9
Round 3 begins with get this..Caulfield in control on the ground. The fight ends with the crowd becoming a little bit restless with all the ground work. I think this is easy 30-27 for Rob Caulfield.
The judges decide I am right!! Winner Via UD Rob Caulfield
Zach Harvey vs Matt Hemry
Feeling out process to start the round. Leg kicks are landing from both fighters
(side note these guys are kicking like they didn’t see the Main Event of UFC 168. Personally, I would never throw a kick…ever)
Matt Hemry’s hands have done the work to drop Harvey and was able to lock in a choke for a submission victory at 2:45 of round 1
Co-Main Event Time
Kevin “Gimme your lunch money” Nowaczyk vs Shamar Bailey
Round 1 was a lot of Kevin establishing his range. Remember he is 6’1 and Bailey is much shorter.
Round 2 lets see if Bailey can figure out the reach in this round. Bailey lands a takedown early in Round 2 but Lunch Money is able to bounce back to his feet and work a take down of his own. Kevin stays in Bailey’s guard and is working body body head shots. Fight moves up against the cage and Bailey is able to land some offense of his own with some very nice knees. Round 2 ends with Kevin in control lands some solid ground and pound. He does have a small cut above is eye, which shouldn’t effect him to much
Heading into round 3 I have Lunch Money winning 20-18
Round 3: Bailey attempts early takedown and Kevin is able to reverse postion on the cage and land a takedown. Bailey works his way up and Kevin takes him back down. Shamar needs a finish with the final  two min of the fight remaining. Final 2 min of the fight have Kevin in complete control of the fight not allowing Shamar any real chance for offense.
Juice’s Card: 30-27 for Kevin “Gimme Your Lunch Money” Nowaczyk
Judges score the bout For Kevin Nowaczyk
Main Event
Austin Tweedy vs Tom Shoaff 
Our main event of the evening pits to undefeated lightweight prospects in the spotlight. A victory for either man will go a long way for cementing their spot at the next level.
HERE WE GO!!!!!!
Tweedy starts out with a big flurry; Shoaff comes out on the other side and back to the center of the cage they go. Big right hand from Shoaff knocks Tweedy to the ground and right back up…only 2 minutes in and I am already super excited for the rest of this fight. Body shot from Shoaff drops Tweedy!
This is the greatest round i have ever seen!!!! EVER! EVER! WOW…Shoaf 10-9
Tweedy took everything including the kitchen sink and is still standing
WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Round 2: Shoaff starts with a body kick and follows with rights. But Tweedy is still right in the fight… Big takedown for Tweedy. Shoaff is on his back and able lock in armbar…But Tweedy is able to muster the strength to pick him up and drop Shoaff on his head and losen the armbar.
These two warrior are going at it! I have it tied moving to the third and final round.
Round 3: Watch Bonnar vs Griffin and it was 100 % better then that….The greatest fight !!! Sorry I cant be more descriptive than that..Back and forth and nobody deserves to lose this fight!
30-26 29-28 30-27 winner via UD Tom Shoaff
Although the scorecards indicated that the fight was lopsided, that wasn’t the  case at all. Literally every time Tweedy found himself in serious trouble, you could see him find an extra sense of urgency to prolong the fight. He seemed to be able to kick things into that last gear just at the right moment. I highly recommend hitting up the HFC facebook page to watch the video of this epic fight. HFC promoter/matchmaker Paul Vale told me he thought this was the best fight in HFC history! Incredible.
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