Tyler Manawaroa ‘apologizes’ for racist post #Jackass #Idiot #TooLate #YouSuck

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

F5wHAZu1If you’re one of the handful of people watching the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, then you’re probably familiar with Tyler Manawaroa. Manawaroa just advanced to the semi-finals of TUF Nations in last week’s episode. Unfortunately for him, the win probably resulted in a little extra online searching and sure enough, someone uncovered some past social media activity that isn’t all that flattering.

Several months ago, Manawaroa posted a racist picture on Instagram of an African American baby in a shopping cart. The caption read “get used to lookin’ thru them bars little nigga.” To make matters worse, Manawaroa even added some offensive hashtags to shed even more light on this asshole’s character—“Damn Niggers #nigga #jail #blackbabey #baby.” (Note: “Babey” is a new one to me)

Since this post came to the forefront, of course Manawaroa (was essentially forced to) apologize. In his “apology” he tried to say that the picture was meant to be ironic since he too is dark skinned. Umm, nice try idiot.

As everyone should know by now, social media is an extension of every person’s life. If Manawaroa made these comments in public, he’d be bashed for them. Making the same comments on social media gets the exact same response and usually indicates the exact same things—namely that people who make dumbass comments are usually dumbasses.

Hey Manawaroa, whoever you are…stay classy. Hopefully the only time I’ll ever hear your name again is if Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Daniel Cormier, Alistair Overeem and Rumble Johnson “randomly” bump into you at a night club somewhere.

  1. […] Tyler Manawaroa 'apologizes' for racist post #Jackass #Idiot #TooLate #YouSuck […]

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