Sour Grapes? Belfort not pleased with Weidman’s ‘Fighter of the Year’ Award

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

belfort1The World MMA Awards took place last week and at least one person isn’t rolling out the red carpet so to speak for the results. It seems middleweight contender Vitor Belfort has an issue with the Fighter of the Year Award. He feels the winner—Chris Weidman—is undeserving and called the announcement “shameful.”

“He wins because of just one fight?” Belfort questioned. “It was shameful. He won one fight. The other he haven’t won, it was an accident.”

Could Belfort’s objection be based on the fact that he too was nominated, but didn’t win? And could it be based on the fact that he’ll be fighting Weidman for the world title in his next outing? It at least seems possible this is sour grapes. For the record, Belfort had quite a year in 2013 as well, going 3-0 with three devastating knockouts.

The other nominees for Fighter of the Year were Urijah Faber, Demetrious Johnson and Cain Velasquez.

The World MMA Awards are probably the 2nd most prestigious awards in all of MMA—right behind the VigilanteMMA Awards, or “The Viggies” as they are commonly referred to by fans. Weidman was also awarded the Viggie for FOY. Demetrious Johnson was our runner-up, while Belfort, Faber and Chad Mendes were also nominated. We also stiffed Belfort on KO of the Year, favoring Antonio Silva’s knockout of Alistair Overeem.

Upon hearing the announcement of our awards, Vitor sent us a message via his MySpace page calling us “a bunch of dicks.” Actually he didn’t do that. He probably never heard of us.


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