No more ‘KO/Sub of the Night’ … UFC changes Event Bonus Structure

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Latest news

dana-white-moneyLast night, the UFC announced that the Fight Night bonus structure we’ve gotten accustomed to is over. Sort of. A ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus of $50,000 will still be awarded to the best fight, but there will no longer be ‘Knockout of the Night’ or ‘Submission of the Night’ awards. Instead, there will be two ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses handed out.

At first glance, this seems weird, almost as if they are saying ‘no need to go for finishes anymore.’ But it appears that initial reaction is incorrect. More than likely, the PON bonuses will still be given to fighters who have the best finishes. This new structure just gives them a little extra discretion as to who gets it.

For example, if there are no KOs or Subs on a card, someone can still earn that bonus. Or if there are several submissions but no knockouts, two submissions could potentially be rewarded.

The UFC’s announcement didn’t address if there will be any additional “thanks for getting those horrifying shorts off TV as soon as possible” bonuses, but that information will probably come out later today.


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