The UFC and Weed – A Bad Match?

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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ufcweedBrad Walker, VigilanteMMA Senior Correspondent

First of all let’s say this – marijuana is probably more universally accepted in the world than smoking cigarettes, drinking hard liquor or whacking the cornstalk to midget porn. Given the current predominance of midget porn I think one thing should be made clear – MMA shouldn’t ban a sometimes legal substance. Cannabinoids are a trace of marijuana in the system a long time after use but are also one of the top reasons for overturning decisions. Personally I think it’s completely stupid.

There are many states where marijuana is legal on either a medicinal level or even casual use. Fighters in Colorado probably puff the sweetest cheeba available on a daily basis – without legal repercussions, so why are athletic commissions so anal about a completely non performance enhancing drug? If you rocked a bong before a fight in the UFC, the delay in thought process would likely get you an ass whooping – this shit shouldn’t even be considered right now. Cocaine, Steroids, Testosterone, Meth, Adderal, Ritalin and Klonopin all have a likelihood to increase your winning chances but certainly not weed.

Anyone who’s ever smoked pot, weed, marijuana, Mary Jane, reefer, hydro, grass or chronic can tell you it’s certainly not going to make you a better fighter. It slows your brain, lowers your pulse and effects your concentration. So people like Jessica Eye, and many others like her are getting a bad rap for using an almost legal drug. Who gives a shit if she smoked pot during her training camp? I don’t – do you? I know plenty of elite level professional fighters who will say its counterproductive so what’s making athletic commissions flip out about it?

Simple answer: Politics. The drug isn’t harmful to the body long term but it will burn you a nasty high when you smoke it – safer than beer or tobacco before a fight. Let’s loosen the noose before the commissions bury themselves under a pile of bullshit and let MMA fighters toke on the MJ before a fight. It surely doesn’t help – so why are they fighting so hard against it?

  1. Jordan Mitchell says:

    I smoke a lot of weed and I fight, this doesn’t help performances at all!! I once snorted coke off a strippers butt crack before a fight though, that worked wonders!!!

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