White admits paying Machida bounty for beating Tito

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

DanaVIGWe all know Dana White isn’t an ordinary head of a professional sports organization. He’s no David Stern, that’s for sure. White took his f-bombs and his “unconventional” wisdom to Big Boy TV recently, and demonstrated just how unlike those other guys he is.

Probably the funniest—and potentially most controversial (although I’m certain nothing will be made of it)—part was when he admitted paying a bounty of sorts to Lyoto Machida after defeating his nemesis, Tito Ortiz at UFC 84.

Here’s how he described it to Big Boy.

Big Boy: Has there been a fighter that you looked at, and you was like, ‘Man, I hope he gets fucked up tonight’

Dana White: There’s no doubt about it. [laughs] Absolutely. No doubt about it.

Big Boy: I don’t know, as an owner, can you say, ‘If you knock him out, there’s a bonus’

Dana White: I can tell you this, Tito Ortiz is that guy…and the only time in 13 years, of all the fights we’ve ever done. Lyoto Machida beat Tito Ortiz, I actually wrote him a personal check.

Big Boy: Like a thank you?!

Dana White: The UFC paid him his show money, his win money and if he wins one of the bonuses, he gets bonused. I literally bonused him myself.

It’s actually a very good interview, and Big Boy has a knack for asking great questions that traditional MMA media couldn’t ask. Another interesting moment was when BB asked White if a fighter had ever threatened to kick his ass. Sure enough, Dana named two—Phil Baroni and Matt Hume. Apparently both of those guys felt it would be a good negotiating ploy to threaten the boss with physical violence. Long story short…it didn’t work.


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