Hey Pat Cummins…don’t press your luck

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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cummins1Pat Cummins stories are flying off the shelves at a rapid pace. At this point, I don’t even know how much of each story is really true. One thing I do know however is that he shouldn’t be wasting his 15 minutes talking shit to Daniel Cormier.

He appeared in studio on Fox Sports Live to tell a tale of how he “broke” Cormier and “made him cry” while DC was training for the Olympics—in 2004…ten years ago. Cormier was also live via video. Cummins, whose nickname is “Durkin” I guess, looked awkward during the interview. I think he was conflicted between trying to play a badass and trying to play the simpleton, likeable underdog. He came across as neither unfortunately.

This distortion of the truth is simply a dumb move for Cummins. He already has a nice little feel-good tale to tell about getting fired from Starbucks the day he was offered this fight. All he had to do was go with that one. Leave the “I made Cormier cry” story out. It doesn’t fit.

Listening to Cummins on live TV, Cormier was able to set the record straight about the story immediately. Long story short, Cummins beat Cormier in a wrestling bout during training over 10 years ago. What he didn’t mention is that Cormier was training for the Olympics, which means he had also wrestled a shitload of other guys consecutively leading up to Cummins’ session. Makes sense to me. Now Cummins looks stupid.

Cormier didn’t take too kindly to being called out like that. Basically he told Cummins he better just be thankful for the opportunity and shut his mouth before he gets hurt. And that’s how I feel too. When Rocky Balboa was chosen—at random, pretty much how Cummins was chosen—he didn’t tell Apollo he was better than him did he? That script was fiction of course, but that’s the point. They could’ve written Rocky any way they wanted. They chose to write it in a way that made for the best story. Cummins just made his story too convoluted.

Sure, he’ll get the normal underdog fans pulling for him. But a quick, devastating loss to Cormier—which will happen—turns him into Ilir Latifi. Who? EXACTLY! And what the hell is a durkin?

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