Belfort wants Weidman tested more often, “to be fair”

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

belfort1Vitor Belfort is preparing to challenge for the UC middleweight title against Chris Weidman in May. One of the most talked about aspects of the fight won’t be what happens inside the cage, but what happens leading up to the fight—namely Belfort’s testosterone use.

He continues to claim his TRT use is due to a medical condition, and feels it shouldn’t be an issue at all. In fact, he claims he one of the most tested athletes in the sport.  And now, he’s turning the tables on Weidman. He’s saying Weidman should receive increased testing—including blood tests—as well, just to make things fair.

“I don’t believe (Weidman is on steroids), but people give too much importance to the treatment I religiously do with medical support,” Belfort told MMAFighting. “And to make it fair, my opponent should also be tested with blood exams throughout his camp.”

There are two ways to look at this. One (and I suspect most people will feel this way) is that Weidman shouldn’t be subjected to excessive testing just because his opponent has a spotty history that includes failed drug tests and issues with elevated testosterone. But the second line of reasoning is why wouldn’t both fighters have to go through the same type of testing? One guy shouldn’t get a free pass.

Which side of this argument are you on?


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