Nick Diaz wants to box Roy Jones; “I’m a better striker than Anderson Silva”

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors
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costanzahandsWe already know how highly (no pun intended) Nick Diaz thinks of himself. Just the other day he offered to do the UFC a favor by returning to the octagon in exchange for a title shot. His 2 fight losing streak didn’t weigh into his idea because he feels he’s the “only draw” in the company. But now he’s patting himself on the back about his hands.

Don’t worry, he’s not pulling a Ray McKechnie—you know, the former hand model who felt his own hand was far more beautiful than any woman on earth, thereby transforming his fingers into a deformed claw, and leaving George Costanza as the predominant hand model in New York. No, instead Diaz is boasting about his standup game. He says it’s better than Anderson Silva’s.

Diaz did show some humility when he refused to call out Roy Jones Jr., saying it would be disrespectful to do so. But he’s still DTF (down to fight). “I feel I’m a better stand-up fighter than Anderson Silva, who has talked about fighting Jones too. If you want a good MMA-boxer boxing match, there you have it.”

Jones already asked Dana White for permission to box Diaz, right after Silva snapped his leg. And that’s very unlikely to happen. Even though Nick is supposedly retired, he’s still under UFC contract. Better hands than Silva? I’m not too sure about that? Better legs…YES!

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