Cormier wants Johnson/Davis winner for #1 contender; but if Gus loses, he wants Jones immediately

Posted: February 27, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

Daniel-Cormier-1We’ve already discussed Daniel Cormier’s punishing victory over Pat Cummins in his 205 pound debut, and what it means to the top of the division. I argued that despite the squash match last weekend, Cormier’s impeccable track record at heavyweight are enough to insert him very high on the list of possible title contenders.

DC feels the same way, and has even made a demand of sorts. He wants to fight the winner of the upcoming Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson fight. And if he wins that one, he wants the champ. He added that he wants to add the stipulation that if Alexander Gustafsson loses his fight to Jimi Manuwa in March, that he would leapfrog Davis, Johnson and Gustafsson and get the next title shot after Glover Teixeira.

I’m not sure how the UFC feels about Cormier’s “demands,” but the plan seems pretty viable to me. The chances of Gustafsson—who is believed to be next after Glover—losing to Manuwa are fairly thin, which means DC would be forced to fight in the interim. The Davis/Johnson winner makes perfect sense to me.


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