Heavyweight Slugfest could be the highlight of UFC Fight Night

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

UFC On FX: Thompson v JordanWell I guess I won’t be watching the UFC event this weekend. I haven’t pulled the trigger on Fight Pass and I’m still resisting it. Does that make me any less a man? Probably. Honestly, there are a couple fighters on the card I’m interested in, and one fight that should be a fun one.

The heavyweight scrap between Matt Mitrione and Shawn Jordan should be one to watch. Not only do I think both fighters pack a shit load of power into their fists, but I actually believe if they were younger, they’d both be considered pretty top level prospects. Unfortunately, Mitrione is 35. Jordan is only 29, so he still has some sand left in his hourglass.

These are huge dudes. They are also both incredible athletes. Meathead is currently on a streak of just one win in his last four, so any fight could be his last. But on the plus side are his 5 KOs in six wins. His power is second to none and he’s light on his feet – think Chris Farley and Heavy D – for a big guy.

Jordan is fairly intriguing. He was showing a swift learning curve in the UFC until he was derailed by the much more experienced Gabriel Gonzaga last time out. That shoves him back to wallow in the heavyweight muck with guys like Mitrione. I’m not being derogatory, there’s just a glut of high end fighters outside the top 10 or so in the HW division, and neither of these guys have been able to dig out. I think Jordan has a chance.

With losses to Cheick Kongo and Gonzaga, he has yet to earn that signature win. Mitrione won’t be it either. But I do think he’ll be able to display his ever-evolving skillset and beat Mitrione easily. That should be enough to get him another chance at a slightly higher level opponent next time, and I’m excited to see Jordan in that arena.

Don’t blink your eyes when you watch this one. I’m expecting a knockout that will give you nightmares for weeks in this one. And in this one, Jordan is the one who knocks.


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