Cyborg Alert??? Rogan says Rousey’s next opponent will be “huge,” “crazy,” “madness”

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Latest news, Rumors
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roganIf there’s anyone who can give Dana White a run for his money in the categories of excitability, hype and superlative, it’s commentator Joe Rogan. He has a knack for making every upcoming fight seem like the greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life. Still, I keep listening to him. And I probably always will.

Rogan appeared on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean radio show and hinted—okay, who am I kidding…”hinted” isn’t strong enough—that a huge fight was coming for women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. Rogan seemed ready to burst with some insider knowledge that he wasn’t quite willing to spill on air. But we might be able to figure out what he’s talking about.

“I wish I could tell you what I know. I wish I could tell you. I know some secret stuff. I know some secret stuff, but I can’t tell you.”

Maybe if no one jumps in, Rogan will continue on a stream of consciousness rant.

“You might actually know, but I can’t tell you,” he continued (we knew he would!). “I can say no more than I’ve already said (yeah right). I will tell you this, and this is a KROQ exclusive, within the next probably week or so a huge announcement will come about women’s fighting and I’ll be back in and we’ll talk some more. It’s going to be crazy. Madness. I wish I could, but I would betray the confidence of my friend and employer.”

Huge news regarding Rousey? Honestly the next person in line for the belt was probably Cat Zingano, but Rogan’s enthusiasm doesn’t match a Zingano announcement. But what about Cyborg? That’s probably the ONLY announcement that could be considered “huge” or “madness” as Rogan described it. Cyborg has recently softened on her “dropping to 135 would kill me” stance and her move to the UFC seemed much more likely than ever before.

I’m not ready to make the claim that Rousey/Cyborg is happening, but I’m damn close to start beating that drum. Are there any other competitors out there who would be “madness” for Rousey? I really doubt it. Holly Holm would cause a stir I suppose, but madness? Probably not.

I’m feeling Rousey/Cyborg. Are you?

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