King Mo vs. Rampage grudge — so far it’s been a snooze-fest

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

morampageBellator put a lot of eggs in the King Mo/Rampage basket. We already discussed how badly they wanted us to see those two “big names” square off. After Friday’s event, they must be pretty happy, because they got their wish—but should they be?

It’s true, Rampage Jackson and Muhammed Lawal are the two most recognizable names in the LHW division—perhaps the entire company. But after watching both fights, I’m just not sure how much either guy can bring to the table.

Lawal’s fight against Mikhail Zayats was lackluster to say the least. Mo didn’t look sharp and eked out a close—too close—decision over a guy many on-lookers don’t even know. Mo didn’t even seem confident he won the fight, and neither was I. The judges were right, but it wasn’t all that pretty.

As for Rampage, he picked up the knockout win over former champ Christian M’Pumbu. The “former champ” tag was supposed to get me excited about this fight I guess. The fact that this marks M’Pumbu’s third straight loss made me NOT get excited. It also didn’t help that M’Pumbu won the Bellator “world” title in May of 2011—and hasn’t won a fight since.

But back to Rampage, he spent most of the fight circling M’Pumbu unwilling to throw a strike. His only real breaks from that strategy were when he inexplicably kept taunting his opponent for not engaging—despite that Rampage was wholly inactive as well. The finish came when the fight somehow ended up on the ground and he connected and KO’d M’Pumbu.

With two non-impressive wins by their two biggest stars, the last thing we really needed to see was both guys partaking in a staged, scripted confrontation in the cage afterwards. Rampage used his best TNA voice and cut a promo declaring he’s a beast and will “destroy” everyone. Obviously, Mo did a “run-in” and things got “ugly.” In case you aren’t picking up on my meaning, I’m using quotation marks to show my disbelief in this “altercation.”

This is the second time in less than a week I’ve posted my thoughts on a brawl that appear to have been staged. The first was this video teaser between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen.


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