Jones might not want to fight Cormier; but things are heating up with…Tyson Griffin?

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

jonjonesWhile Jon Jones’ contenders are piling up, he’s even starting to make enemies on Twitter. And it’s not with his next challenger Glover Teixeira; or even future opponents like Alexander Gustafsson or Daniel Cormier. Instead he’s going outside his weight class by feuding with Tyson Griffin.

Griffin tweeted a few disparaging messages to Jones about turning down fights—specifically the challenge from Cormier. He called the champ “disrespectful” for ignoring DC’s heavyweight credentials.

Jones didn’t reply publicly, but he did respond—via private message. Griffin took it upon himself to post those messages. Here they are.

What seems to be missing is the back-and-forth. It looks like Griffin deleted his own messages, which we have to assume was egging Jones on. Who knows if the messages sent by Griffin were relevant to Jones’ responses or not, but I probably would have liked to see the exchange in its original context. It’s also possible–although not probable–that this is the whole exchange and that Jones just kept sending message after message while Griffin didn’t reply. But like I said, that seems unlikely.


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