Judge says Thiago Silva can fight…I’m sure promoters everywhere are ecstatic

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

thiagosilvamugFormer UFC contender Thiago Silva is out of jail—kind of. A month after being arrested for attempted murder (which has since been lowered to aggravated assault) when he brandished a gun at a gym and threatened to shoot everyone; he’s been released from jail and will be on house arrest.

He will wear a monitoring device and has been ordered to stay the hell away from his wife—and her boyfriend. TMZ has also reported that the judge will permit Silva to continue fighting—AKA ‘make a living’—and will be allowed to train at a nearby gym. When a fight opportunity arises for Silva, the judge will have to approve it.

I really have no idea where Silva thinks he’s going to get a fight. Dana White has banned him from the UFC for life, and I can’t imagine the heat anyone else would take if they booked this guy in a fight. Shit, I can’t imagine what gym would let him train there. Whatever. I just hope he doesn’t head kick anyone with that ankle bracelet. (Oh, and I hope he doesn’t shoot anyone either)


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