Could Johny Hendricks be the next victim of “THE GSP CURSE”?

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

gsp_Longtime welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, regained his world title by knocking out Matt Serra at UFC 83. Including that fight, he would go on to wear that belt to the tune of ten straight wins. In each case, it could be argued that his opponent not only suffered a loss at the hands of “Rush,” but also suffered a noticeable drop-off in terms of their careers.

If you love numbers, I’ll give you a few. In the matches immediately following a loss to GSP–the bounceback fight–his last 10 victims are just 3-5 (Diaz and Hendricks haven’t fought since). Even more telling, the career records of those 10 fighters combined after losing to GSP is a shocking 21-20-3. Barely .500. While far from scientific, I’m officially calling this the “GSP Curse.” Let’s look at how each of those losses to the champ cost his opponents dearly–and more than just one fight.

Nick Diaz. Dude says he retired after losing to GSP and despite staying in the public eye by occasionally voicing his displeasure with not getting ANOTHER title shot, he hasn’t been back inside the cage since. His record since losing to Georges is 0-0. Puff puff pass.

Carlos Condit. While he hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth like some others on this list, he did also lose his next fight to Johny Hendricks, which at least temporarily sent him out of the title picture. A win over Martin Kampmann helped raise his stock again, but instead of being in the mix to win the championship GSP vacated, he’s stuck as the co-main event with a guy outside the top 10. Bad luck? Or cursed? We’ll find out this weekend. If he beats Woodley, he’s looking at a title shot.

Jake Shields. Shields run of bad luck includes getting his head nearly knocked off by Jake Ellenberger and then failing a post fight drug test in another bout. Although he’s won 3 fights since GSP, he remains on top of my personal list of ‘worst fighters to watch.’ Let’s hope he loses to Lombard.

Josh Koscheck. The GSP fight was Kos’ swan song. Sure he knocked out Matt Hughes in his final fight ever, but Josh’s decline was immediate. A narrow split decision over Mike Pierce was the last time he would taste victory, running off three straight losses—each one worse than the one before. I think he’s done; and I blame the GSP curse.

Dan Hardy. Did he really fight for the title? Ultimately he lost a total of four straight, including the GSP fight. He did beat Amir Sadollah, which isn’t a huge feat, but then discovered he had a rare heart condition and left the cage in favor of the microphone. I’ll ask again…did he really fight for a title?

Thiago Alves. This guy has only 2 wins since the GSP fight and has been booked, and pulled out of at least three fights in a row due to injuries. He also missed weight once. We’ll see if he even makes it to the cage in his next fight, but I’m not convinced. Thiago, consider yourself cursed.

BJ Penn. Okay, BJ actually successfully defended his lightweight title twice following his second loss to GSP, so he’s not completely cursed. But after those two, make no mistake, Penn’s career began spiraling out of control. One win in his last 6 i snot how we want to see BJ go out. Can we blame that on the GSP curse? I do.

Jon Fitch. It took a while for the GSP curse to hit him in regards to results. But the curse hit Fitch in a different way. The guy won 5 straight fights post-GSP and still was denied a title rematch. He was also the poster child for Dana White’s “I don’t like you” list.  Now he’s completely out of the UFC and is just 1-1 in WSOF.

Matt Serra. Serra was the 1st victim of the GSP curse. After losing the belt in ‘08, he battled injuries and poor performances, winning only once in three fights since. he never again looked like a title contender, let alone a former champion. Now he’s gonzo—and he’s fat too.

Johny Hendricks. Hmmm. Robbie Lawler has never fought GSP, so should we crown him right now???


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