Eddie Alvarez says Melendez signed with the UFC to avoid him

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

eddie_alvarezWhen Gilbert Melendez was close to jumping for Bellator, one of the only positives in my mind was that he’d get to fight Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler. UFC’s counter-offer made all that moot because Gilbert is back in the UFC and is awaiting another title shot—this time with Anthony Pettis.

While Melendez is celebrating his good fortune, Alvarez isn’t happy at all. In fact, he’s slinging mud, accusing Gilbert of ducking him.

Wherever Gilbert goes, he wants to be the top dog, which is the same reason he’s avoided me and will for years to come. Gilbert had the opportunity in the Dream tournament, he didn’t. He had the opportunity to sign with Bellator, and go into a Bellator tournament, he didn’t. And now he had the opportunity to come to Bellator where I am. He doesn’t want to come where I am. He’s a phony. It’s a facade, it’s a mask. He says he wants to fight me, he doesn’t want to fight me.

He says he wants to fight me when I make headlines. That’s the only time, so he can get some attention. Other than that, Gilbert Melendez does not want to fight me. He knows it’s a bad fight for him, a bad night for him, that’s the real truth with that.

Alvarez is probably stinging from the way Melendez’s contract negotiations went as compared to his own. Alvarez was basically held hostage while Bellator was ruled to have matched the UFC’s offer, meaning he had to return to Bellator. I’m sure he’s bitter.

No one could believe that Melendez would want to enter a Bellator tournament to face John Alessio or Saad Awad over coaching on The Ultimate Fighter and being given a title shot in a UFC main event against Anthony Pettis. Granted, I would want to see the fight with Alvarez; but not anywhere near as much as I’d want to see the fight with Pettis.


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