16-year old martial arts student saves diabled child from bully attack

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

romanHere’s a little story that’s equally uplifting and disturbing. A 16 year old boy—who happens to be the son of a martial arts instructor—came to the aid of a child who was being bullied by a group of teenagers. Roman Rodriguez walked outside and witnessed a group of about eight kids picking on a younger boy with some mental disabilities.

Roman saw the boy was crying and headed over to intervene. He approached the main aggressor—a disgustingly fat fuck, by the sounds of it. Although the morbidly obese bully was just 14 years old, he was described as being around 6 feet tall and over 220 pounds. I wish I saw a picture of this kid, because I’m 100% sure he would have been holding an 88 ounce Mountain Dew and a few Big Macs.

Roman told the boy he wasn’t looking for a fight, but “just wanted to walk (the younger boy) home.” That’s when ‘big-boy’ took a swing at Rodriguez, whose training kicked in. Since the tub of lard was way bigger than Roman, Roman “only knocked him down and restrained him.” Like an angry hippo, the kid got up and ran home—along with all his friends—to his mommy.

But according to Roman, it didn’t end there. That’s when the boy—who will certainly be a productive member of society if he ever makes it out of his teens without his arteries completely hardening—screamed that he was going to return to stab Roman! WTF?

Roman then ran inside to tell his father, who was still at the gym. Fatty McFatterson returned, like he said, and was carrying a large kitchen knife. Luckily the kid’s mom was with him. She would certainly calm down the rampaging ogre with a candy bar or a stick of butter or something right? Umm, no. According to Roman’s father, the crazy bitch was encouraging her son to stab Roman! “She was instigating the fight,” the elder Rodriguez stated.

Within minutes police arrived. It’s not like the mother and son wrecking crew would have been much of problem to track down—I’m sure they would have ended up at Old Country Buffet at some point that day. But both were arrested. The boy, “Angel” (not ironic at all), and the beast of a mother, Jomery Rivera, were both charged and taken into custody.

Roman’s father was relieved the situation was over and also very proud of his son. “Just as I taught him, he defended someone who couldn’t defend himself,” he said. “It emphases what I already knew; he’s a really good kid.” Indeed. We could use a few more Roman’s in the world—and a few less “Angels” and WAAAAY fewer Jomerys.

Note–the photo above is of Roman and an 11 year old boy, Timothy Colon. Timothy saw Roman’s actions and made him a certificate of bravery the following day.

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