Holly Holm offered contract — wants 2 UFC Fights; then Ronda

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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hollyholmThe UFC has apparently made an offer to undefeated rising star Holly Holm. According to Holm’s manager, an agreement was not yet made, but the groundwork has been laid. It seems—thankfully—an immediate fight with Ronda Rousey is NOT part of the deal, and that’s fine with Holm’s team.

Lenny Fresquez, Holm’s manager told Sherdog, “We want two fights and then Ronda — two or three fights at the most. That’s what our plan is. I understand that we need to build the [Rousey] fight up, and UFC fans need to see Holly fight in the UFC. It needs to get a big buildup.”

That comment is to the credit of Holm and Fresquez, and makes her signing almost inevitable in my eyes. Rumors of immediately getting in the cage with Rousey seemed far-fetched and potentially bad for the sport.

And it also looks like the UFC didn’t want to sound desperate for Holm’s services. They dropped a few other names to give the impression that there are more options than just Holm. “I asked them, ‘Who’s Ronda going to fight?’” Fresquez told MMA Junkie. “They said, ‘She could fight Cyborg or fight Gina Carano.’ Those were the couple of other options that they were looking at. But I also know Cyborg can’t make 135 pounds, and Gina can’t make 135 pounds, so I know those fights can’t be made for the UFC title.”

So in my eyes, it appears this signing is going to happen. Unless Fresquez is vastly exaggerating the success of the initial negotiations, there seems to be mutual interest and a solid basis for a deal. But since Holm will be “building” up to the Rousey fight, that leaves time for Rousey to fight Cat Zingano next. Cat is set to return to the cage after blowing out her knee, which cost her a coaching spot on TUF and a title shot against Rousey. She has expressed interest in fighting in mid to late summer.

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