UFC 171 “Terrible Excuse of the Day” … Diego Sanchez blames steak tartar and raw quail eggs

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

sanchezFaceUFC 171 had plenty of action and plenty of positive things to discuss. Diego Sanchez was not one of them. Before you think I’m going to rip Diego for his performance against Myles Jury Saturday night—although “The Nightmare Dream” probably swung and missed more times than Pete Incaviglia and Rob Deer in the entire decade of the 80s (give yourself extra credit if you remember them)—I’m not. Instead I’ll be ripping Diego for reaching waaaaay deep into his bag o’ excuses after the fight. He blames meat.

We’ve seen Sanchez pull out a standard “I was very injured” excuse before, but he didn’t go there this time. He blames his pre-fight meal—Steak Tartar. “I sustained food poisoning from eating a beef tartar with raw quail egg as an appetizer at dinner,” he claimed. Good lord.

“This was my own mistake,” he continued. Umm, ya think?! “I ordered it thinking I need red meat but raw was the wrong choice. I threw up first at 2 am and all day fight day. This was not part of the Dolce Diet, I screwed myself. I thought because I had done everything do perfect I could sway a little and it cost me.”

This just doesn’t hold water with me. First off, when’s the last time any of our readers got food poisoning? Probably never. And I don’t mean the kind of “food poisoning” that coincidentally comes at the same time you drank 18 Coors Lights and a fifth of peppermint Schnapps.

I don’t even know if I believe he ate steak tartar with a raw quail egg on top. This guy goes on the Dolce Diet for his entire training camp, then the day before the fight he decides to stray from it by eating raw meat and poultry? It makes no sense. So either Sanchez is lying through his teeth, or he’s fucking stupid. Take your pick.

Sanchez is fast becoming the modern day Tito Ortiz with this gem.

  1. […] Sanchez tossed out the worst excuse I’ve heard since “I had a cracked skull.” He said he ate steak tartar with raw quail eggs the night before the fight and contracted food poisoning. Does anyone think this is a good idea? By […]

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