Bellator Season 10 LW Tournament — Brandon Girtz is one to watch

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

girtz2Bellator’s season 10 lightweight tournament will begin on Friday in Kansas City. Among the entrants, 10-3 Brandon Girtz looks to definitely be one of the quarter-finalists to keep very a close eye on.

His extensive wrestling background has always been his bread and butter. He was an NCAA All-American at Minnesota State University and found the transition to MMA to be a natural. Like riding a bike, Girtz can always rely on that background and has become well-known for his hard core ground and pound.

Although his wrestling has been his forte so far, Girtz is most excited about displaying his hands in the Bellator tourney. With a hero like Mike Tyson, you know he wants to stand and bang.

Friday’s bout with Derek Anderson will be his first since heading out to Denver to train at Grudge with Trevor Wittman’s top flight group. He says training in the high altitude will absolutely help him once the cage door closes.

Girtz believes his prior training, along with the move to Grudge will propel him all the way to the finals of the bracket. He’s even earmarked a couple guys he’s hoping to match up with as the tourney progresses, and as he climbs the ladder to the finals. Two other participants he wants to see later are Marcin Held and David Rickels—and for similar reasons.

“The guy’s a magician on the ground,” Girtz told the Beyond the Cage Podcast of a potential matchup with Held. “That’s normally where I take my fights, so I’m excited for him to force me to keep it standing. The last 4 or 5 years, that’s all I’ve worked on is my hands.”

Similarly, he feels Rickels would be a great matchup for him in the finals. “He’s a grinder, and I feel like that would make us stay on our feet too.” This guy wants to throw hands!

If his plan comes through, Girtz would be looking at the $100,000 prize and a Bellator title shot. The problem is that title shot might be a bit of a wait. That doesn’t bother him at all. Rather than sit on the sidelines and get rusty, his goal is to perhaps pursue a boxing match, if Bellator allows it. With a few bucks in his pocket, he says he’ll be able to manage things just fine.

“After I win that hundred grand, I’ll be sitting alright for a little bit.”

Watch Brandon Girtz Friday in Bellator’s season 10 lightweight tournament. His bout with Derek Anderson will be aired live on SpikeTV. The winner will advance into the semi-finals against the winner of Marcin Held and Rodrigo Cavalheiro. We already know Girtz plans to be in the next round; and who he wants to meet.

Here’s the full interview with Beyond the Cage…


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