WSOF Official “100% sure” Palhares will pass drug test — but he’s got a back-up plan just in case

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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palharesmemeRousimar Palhares has had his share of troubles in the past. Failed drug tests, unwillingness to release holds in a timely manner, and overall bizarre behavior. Following his most recent UFC fight against Mike Pierce, Dana white finally had enough and released him—in fact, White banned him for life.

Palhares was suspended for 9 months following the Hector Lombard fight for testing for high levels of testosterone. Because of that track record, the NSAC demanded that Palhares submit to—and pass—a random drug test prior to his WSOF fight against Steve Carl. The results will be made available the day before the fight. WSOF Vice President Ali Abdel-Aziz says he’s not worried about the result at all—but…

Although Abdel-Aziz claims he’s “almost 100 percent sure he’s going to come clean,” his actions aren’t quite that positive. It seems he’s got a backup plan just in case Palhares fails. “I’m very sure he’s a clean fighter,” he said again, “but if anything bad happens, I have a back-up for Steve Carl. Steve Carl will fight regardless.”

I don’t think there are back-up plans for every fight on every event, so maybe the fact that they need one for this guy means, Abdel-Aziz isn’t quite sure what to expect from Palhares. And can you blame him? Palhares has proven to be the most unpredictable fighter I’ve ever seen—and I’m not referring to his fighting style. The term “bizarre” might be an understatement. He’s stopped fighting to tell the ref that his opponent was greasing—he wasn’t. He’s stopped fighting (and scaled the cage) to tell the ref the fight was over—it wasn’t. And as mentioned, he’s shown a lack of sportsmanship when it comes to breaking dangerous submission holds when he’s told to.

Let’s hope the WSOF doesn’t have to implement their back-up plan; but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.


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