Dana White “not interested whatsoever” in Holly Holm (whut?)

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion
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DanaVIGMy bullshit detector is ringing loudly right now. Tuesday we reported that Holly Holm’s people had a meeting with the UFC and from the sounds of it, she seemed almost certain to get the deal done. According to her manager talks went well. They weren’t demanding an immediate title shot against Ronda Rousey, and in fact, suggested at least two fights before earning a shot. Seems very reasonable.

But we need to tap the brakes a little. Somebody’s lying to us. That’s because Dana White just appeared on UFC Tonight and said the meeting went like horseshit (my words, not his). Dana’s words were, “not good at all.” He went a step further, saying that the UFC is “not interested whatsoever” in signing Holm.

The UFC was obviously interested two days ago, so what happened? I suppose it was the fact that Holm’s manager, Lenny Fresquez, decided to do an interview discussing the meeting. That could have set White off, and some outlets are reporting that White was furious over that interview.

I’ll be honest, White likes to throw around his authority (ya think?) and make sure everyone knows who’s the boss (NOT Tony Danza). Holm fans shouldn’t fret too much. It was just a couple weeks ago that Gilbert Melendez signed a very lucrative contract that included a title shot, a TUF coaching stint, and PPV points—just days after White told Gilbert to start looking for other options.

So while this story is baffling; it isn’t unique. I have a feeling Dana is waiting for Fresquez to show up at his door with a look of remorse on his face. Once Dana bends Fresquez over his knee for a good ol’ fashioned spanking, things will magically get ironed out. That’s just my prediction.

  1. […] knows who’s in charge (Charles is NOT in charge) by claiming he’s not even interested in Holm “whatsoever.” Dana, we all know you’re lying. You said the same thing about Gilbert Melendez right before […]

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