Duane Ludwig living “paycheck to paycheck” — leaving Team Alpha Male

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Latest news

bangDuane “Bang” Ludwig and Team Alpha Male are splitting. That’s a shocker. The guy who was largely credited with the ultra-successful 2013 of several Alpha Male fighters is reportedly hitting the road to open his own gym.

The news hit the airwaves long before Ludwig intended it to however. He explained that shortly after a meeting with Urijah Faber yesterday to give him a heads up that he was considering a move back to Colorado. Ludwig describes it as an informal chat, not meant to be an overnight move. But to the surprise of Ludwig, Faber took it public.

“It wasn’t fucking supposed to be like this, man,” Bang told MMA Junkie last night. “He fucking went and told the team and did a press release before I knew. I’m like, ‘What the hell?’”

Despite being irked by Faber’s move—he already posted a job opening on Alpha Male’s website—Ludwig will stay on as coach through May 24, so he doesn’t skip out on anyone’s training camp. He’ll also continue to work with Alpha Male fighters as needed. More than anything, this was a financial decision by Ludwig.

“I’m still working paycheck to paycheck,” he said. “I’ve got to set up a business; that’s just the smartest move. Plus, Colorado’s home. I’ve got to get my family back and get my life situated again. I’ve got to be smart about my finances, and right now, this isn’t a smart thing to do.”


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