Pat Barry smashes down 2 doors to save Lady trapped in Hotel Room

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

hulksmashI imagine Pat Barry going around kicking all kinds of stuff. Like when he walks into his dark house at night, he must flip the switch with his feet; and kicking his garbage can out to the curb on Tuesday. I’m sure he’s kicked more things than the average human. And now he can add a hotel door to his résumé.

Barry was relaxing in his hotel room getting ready for his upcoming kickboxing fight in Virginia. But he heard some strange noises coming from a nearby room. When he walked into the hallway to investigate, he heard a woman screaming for help. She was apparently trapped inside her bathroom and couldn’t budge.

Barry called the front desk to get help. Problem is, they couldn’t get in either. The safety latch was  preventing them from opening the door. Barry said the hotel employees backed off and “gave me the nod.” That’s when Barry gave the door the old thunderfoot and smashed it down with his bare hands feet.

But when they got inside, they discovered the bathroom door was also jammed. So he kicked that damn thing down too! After saving the day, Barry said regret started to sink in. You see, he said, if he could do it all over again, he would’ve used a spinning side kick.

Barry is now 2-0 with two knockouts against Holiday Inn Express in his career.


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