Worst of the Week — a recap of the things we want to forget to about

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

“Damn You, Diego!!”

There was plenty going on this week in the world of MMA–both good and bad. Since we have negative attitudes, we’ll focus on the absolute worst of the week. Here’ are the worst stories of the week, according to us.

Worst excuse of the week (year?) goes to Diego Sanchez. After getting soundly defeated by Myles Jury Saturday night, Diego added insult to injury by dropping a raw meat and eggs bomb on us. Shockingly, Sanchez tossed out the worst excuse I’ve heard since “I had a cracked skull.” He said he ate steak tartar with raw quail eggs the night before the fight and contracted food poisoning. Does anyone think this is a good idea? By the way Diego; the restaurant promptly scoffed at your lame excuse by tweeting that they served tons of tartar that night—and NO ONE else complained about it.

Very Sticky situation? As I was driving to the Vigilante Towers, I was listening to the Beyond the Cage Podcast, and heard something frightening. Here’s the exact quote from co-host Dave “The Juice” Sadler:

“When Diego Sanchez gets punched; he gets angry…and then he comes in your face.”


WeltE.R.weight Division. Nooo, not my favorite division! After a PPV dedicated almost entirely to proving why I love the 170s more than anything else in life, we certainly didn’t need an injury problem at the top of the weight class. Contender Carlos Condit was stopped by Tyron Woodley—and a mangled knee. The former is understandable since Woodley’s a beast. But the latter really sucks. The messed up leg could keep Condit out of action for a year. On top of that, newly crowned champion Johny Hendricks didn’t escape unscathed either. A torn bicep (the muscle you need most when trying to impress chicks) will sideline him for up to 2 months without any real training or activity. That blows.

Flip Flop. So Dana White was trying to sign Holly Holm to a contract. It was reported that Holm’s management wanted 2 fights and then Ronda Rousey. Seems reasonable actually. At least they didn’t demand an immediate shot, as was rumored before. But now White decides to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge (Charles is NOT in charge) by claiming he’s not even interested in Holm “whatsoever.” Dana, we all know you’re lying. You said the same thing about Gilbert Melendez right before signing him to a historic contract.


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