Hey Guys…Arianny is SINGLE again!

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

Arianny_slideHey fellas, great news! Go ahead and wash your best Affliction shirt and dust off that skull-laden demon ring you wear only on special occasions. Arianny is single!!! Yes guys, now YOU have a serious chance at landing your favorite UFC octagon

girl—c’mon, you know she’s always kinda liked you ever since you said “sup” to her at weigh-ins that one time.

Here’s what Arianny said of her newly-ended engagement:

“It’s not happening anymore. It was just a very weird thing that happened, but it’s over now. I didn’t get married. I made a huge mistake and that’s over with. I’m in a much better place.”

That “better place,” my friends, is in your arms. So psyche yourself up, get your swole on and muster up enough courage to ask her out on a date—via Twitter of course. You can take her to that Dave & Buster’s down the street.



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