Phil Davis critical of the “Ultimate Jon Jones Fighting Championship”

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

DavisVIGLight heavyweight contender Phil Davis is starting to get antsy. He’s placing the champion Jon Jones in his crosshairs more and more lately. “Mr. Wonderful” has been very critical of Jones recently. In an interview Sportsnet in Canada, Davis was

pretty sarcastic when it came to Jones’ idea that there should be a tournament to determine the next challenger for Bones.

“Why not get him a job? Throw him on payroll. See what he can really do with the lightweights. He seems to matchmake so well. I don’t know. I feel bad for [Jones], but he put himself into an interesting predicament. ‘Why not just have a light heavyweight tournament and have the winner fight Jon Jones?’ That’s pretty much what he’s saying. ‘You guys should have a tournament.’ Call it ‘The Ultimate Jon Jones Fighting Championship.'”

For Davis, it’s easy to see he’s feeling like the odd man out in the race to fight Jones. He’s currently in a holding pattern as he waits for Glover Teixeira to face Jones at UFC 172. Davis is the co-main event on that card and will fight Anthony Johnson. Still, a win there won’t get him the next shot. Alexander Gustafsson is already in the front of the line thanks to an incredible performance against Jones at UFC 165.

What’s worse for Davis is that he might also be behind new 205 pounder Daniel Cormier. Cormier picked a fight with Bones and seems to have the upper hand in the pecking order. But as we’ve seen several times before–*cough* Sonnen *cough* Nick Diaz—Davis might have to ratchet up his trash talking game to draw the attention of Jones and the UFC. Oh…and he’ll have to beat Johnson.

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