Gustafsson joins the growing list of contenders irritated by champ Jones

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

gustafsson1When you’re the big man on campus, everyone either avoids you like the plague or comes at you trying to knock you off the pedestal. The latter is definitely true for UFC light heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones. It seems like everyone north

of Francimar Barroso in the rankings is calling out Jones for one thing or another.

Today, the guy doing the calling out is Alexander Gustafsson, who’s no stranger to Bones. Last September, Gustafsson took everything Jones had to offer and gave it right back. In the toughest fight of Jones’ career, “The Mauler” came up just short on the judges’ scorecards. So why didn’t he get a rematch? According to Gus, it’s because Jones’ is steering clear of him. In a recent interview, “he tries to avoid me. Everyone can see that. I can see that. He does what it takes to not fight me.”

Jones should be getting used to being called out publicly by now. Daniel Cormier has pleaded with him for a fight, to no avail. Phil Davis is criticizing him for seemingly avoiding contenders. Hell, even Matt Mitrione offered to fight him a while back.

And that trend won’t stop anytime soon either. I fully expect every fighter who wins a LHW fight in the next 6 months to try to jump on the “I want to fight Jones bandwagon.” And that includes the winner of the Ryan Jimmo vs. Sean O’Connell fight in April.


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