Worth the wait…Pettis set to return in December (along with the start of my Man-Crush)

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

pettisWhen Anthony Pettis defeated Ben Henderson for the lightweight title, I jumped for joy. And by “jumped,” I mean at least 3 inches off the ground. Did I tweak my hammy? Yes. Do I care? Yes. But will I complain? Okay yes, I will. But back to Pettis. I just wish he’d get in the cage but now we have to wait till December.

I’ll explain. Henderson was never my favorite to say the least. With four straight wins with the belt on the line, I should like him more—but I don’t. He has almost zero chance of finishing a fight an almost 100% chance of a razor thin decision. I’ve also grown tired of his facial expressions, his toothpick and his overall demeanor—he doesn’t seem like a dick, but there’s something that just rubs me wrong.

Pettis was my savior though. He’s fresh, exciting and finisher. With the belt around his waist, it will rejuvenate the LW division in a way we haven’t seen since BJ Penn was steamrolling dudes. It was just announced that Showtime’s first title defense won’t be until the end of the year when he squares off against Gilbert Melendez. Dammit, that’s a long time. We kinda knew it would be a long wait though. First his injury; then the filming of The Ultimate Fighter. But now I’m just depressed.

When they finally enter the cage, it will have been about 16 months since he won the belt. I sincerely hope injuries aren’t an ongoing issue for Pettis. He needs to be in the cage three times a year for the next 4 years to turn the LW division into the most exciting one in the UFC. He’s got plenty of fights out there, starting with Gilbert.

And in the next several months leading up to December, there should be some excellent jockeying for position throughout the rest of the weight class. By then, we should have at least 2 or 3 rock solid contenders waiting for their turn against the new champ—or maybe it’ll be Melendez. But fuck I hope not. Let my love affair with Anthony begin.


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