It’s happening again! Another Diaz title shot looks imminent

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Commentary/Opinion

nate-diaz-double-birdI think a Diaz just did it again. One of the things that makes Nate and Nick Diaz simultaneously loved and hated is that they don’t ever mind overcoming their awkward social presence to say exactly the wrong thing at exactly the right time. And as history has proven, sometimes that knack for pissing people off can pay off dearly.

Younger brother Nate is the latest recipient of such fortune, or so it seems. New lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is actually calling out Diaz. Pettis recently spoke about Nate—a likely choice to help Gilbert Melendez coach opposite Pettis on the upcoming season of TUF. He didn’t leave much room for interpretation that he doesn’t like Nate; and he wants to fight him next.

“Me and him have some history. He’s talked a lot in the media; he’s mentioned my name a lot. He’s not too far off from a title shot. A few more wins he might be a guy who is challenging me for my belt. But he made it personal. He’s talking a lot and that’s something I don’t like. If he makes it personal then for me, it’s a personal fight. The fans want to see that fight as well. He talks a lot. That would be a good fight after Melendez. They say they’re number one and number two in the world. I guess we’ll find out soon.”

We’ve seen this before haven’t we? Nate is taking a page out of big brother Nick’s book. Remember it was Nick who secured a title shot against Georges St-Pierre despite losing his previous match. How did he do it? The same way Nate just jumped to the top of the heap—by insulting the reigning champ. GSP was so angry at Nick’s constant remarks, he demanded the fight. Pettis hasn’t demanded anything, but talking about Nate while he’s preparing for another fight is plenty interesting.

Nate certainly isn’t completely undeserving of title consideration I suppose, but his mouth seems to have catapulted him to the top of Pettis’ list, despite winning just one of his last three fights.

I’ll tell ya…for a couple awkward guys who aren’t big on public speaking, they sure do get some mileage when they say something.


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